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Tips: Help an Aging Loved One Avoid Isolation

Tips: Help an Aging Loved One Avoid Isolation

Isolation is the situation when someone spends more time with themselves than with other people. This situation is common among the elderly. After all, a lot of them face mobility issues and other age-related constraints. According to one study, isolation puts a senior at risk of many issues such as falling or dementia.

As a provider of elder care in Pennsylvania, we can help address the isolation issues of your aging loved one. For that, here are some tips that you might find helpful in avoiding isolation:

  • Schedule Dinners at Home

    Even if your elderly loved one is staying at home, you can still arrange for family dinners together. Make this a routine. Being with their family members can be uplifting and cheering for seniors. It also prevents the chances of isolation.

  • Care for their Hygiene

    Many seniors are still able to take care of their personal hygiene. Yet, they may need reminding and assistance in doing this. Ensure that they can still have good hygiene. If ever in-home care providers are necessary, seek this kind of assistance for your loved one. Good hygiene improves their confidence and makes them open to spending time with others.

  • Visit the Doctor

    An elderly person may not be enthusiastic about being with other people. They may have difficulty seeing or hearing. These senses are essential in meaningful conversations when they are with others. For that, help them to visit their doctor regularly. Track their overall health so that you can provide interventions in case these unexpected instances occur.

  • Support Faith-Based Activities

    Is your senior loved one practicing a faith-based activity regularly? Accompany them to these gatherings or get someone who can assist them. These gatherings can be empowering for your aging family member. Along with that, their attendance also prevents solation.

  • Let them Join Charitable Events

    Charitable events are uplifting for the participants. There is a different kind of emotional boost when you know that you have helped someone in need. This rewarding feeling can benefit your loved one’s mental health when they participate in similar events. More than that, they can also avoid isolation by doing a fulfilling activity.

  • Teach Technology

    There are many ways that today’s technology can help a senior to establish connections. Teach them how to use social media so that they can chat, call, or video-call their friends and loved ones whenever they want to. Even with this virtual connection, their sense of isolation can diminish.

At Pennsylvania Home Care LLC, let us work with you in minimizing the instances of isolation at home. As we provide home care services in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, we help your senior loved one to attain quality life. If you’re interested in how we can help you reach this, set an appointment with us today.

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