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Tips for Seniors: How to Overcome Exercise Barriers

Tips for Seniors: How to Overcome Exercise Barriers

How do you empower your senior parent to pursue an active lifestyle? If they have not been into this practice in their younger years, there’s a lesser chance that they will pursue this activity in the later years. However, exercising remains to be an essential factor for people who want to promote health and independence, especially in the aging season.

One of the common reasons for not exercising is the physical exhaustion that comes along with it. However, you can help them find no more excuses with these tips:

  • Integrate Exercising in Daily Routines

    Perhaps for your senior loved one, the idea of exercising pertains to lifting weights or running on a treadmill. While these are true, these are also not the only ways to exercise. Even a walk around the neighborhood with their pet dog for about 10 minutes each day is already a good routine. When they know that this is already a form of exercise, they might be encouraged to increase their time walking. When they need in home care assistance, they can also get that kind of help.

  • Avoid Spending Money

    Perhaps your aging family member feels discouraged about exercising because they think it’s another expense out of their pocket. Get them to do physically healthy activities that don’t require any expenditure. Help them to make improvised weights or visit your local parks for free exercise programs for seniors. Our team providing Elder Care in Pennsylvania can accompany them in these activities.

  • Just Stay Active

    Perhaps your senior family member has been content with the sedentary lifestyle for a long time as they find this “rest” to be conducive for their condition. Encourage them to make little efforts of moving around at home, such as walking up and down the stairs, getting up to fix some meals, or dancing with their favorite music. If they don’t feel like exercising at all, at least they stay away from a complete sedentary life.

  • Follow an Exercise Plan

    Perhaps your elderly loved one doesn’t want to exercise because they have no idea at all of what they need to do. Creating an exercise plan serves as their physical layout or program of what routines they can do, how often they need to do it, and who they can do it with. When they have this oversight, they may be encouraged to see exercising as something exciting to try after all. When you’re not around to assist them, our team providing home care services in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania can step in for you.

It’s time to stop your parents from making excuses about pursuing an active lifestyle. Be there as their cheerer, motivator, and supporter. And if you need further assistance to ensure their safety and wellness while they exercise, you can always contact us at Pennsylvania Home Care LLC. We’d be glad to help you out.

Does making excuses for exercises describe your parents? Let the above tips help you. If you have any interactions, comment below!

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