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Pennsylvania Home Care LLC offers employment without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, ancestry, religious creed, handicap, or age. Pennsylvania Home Care LLC will adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act (PHRA) by providing reasonable accommodation to handicapped employees, and will not retaliate against the employee for requesting a reasonable accommodation.

Pennsylvania Home Care LLC is a licensed in-home care company in the Keystone State of Pennsylvania. Founded by Gretchen Sally, a certified physical rehabilitation nurse with a Master’s Degree in Nursing, the company aims to provide patients aged 19 and above with the care they need to recover and thrive at home in spite of diseases, injuries, physical and mental handicaps, and old age.

The company began when the owner, Gretchen Sally, identified a great demand among Pennsylvanian citizens for one-to-one care in a familiar setting. The company recognizes that many patients prefer to stay in their own homes rather than be confined in an in-patient setting away from contact with their loved ones.

The owner herself used to serve in a local nursing home and has more than 25 years of experience in nursing. She has helped patients and their families plan for the transition from the hospital to their own homes. It was with this in mind that the company was formed.

Pennsylvania Home Care LLC gives their clients the opportunity to remain at home with the people they love while receiving high-quality home care services in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

Our Mission

The mission of Pennsylvania Home Care LLC is to deliver excellent, compassionate, and supportive care to all our clients, their families, and the community.

Our Vision

We at Pennsylvania Home Care LLC aim to be the preferred provider of excellent standard care to the community we serve.

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