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Elderly Care: Tips to Care for a Senior’s Heart Health

Elderly Care: Tips to Care for a Senior’s Heart Health

For your senior loved one, there’s an even more urgent reason why they need to take care of their hearts. According to the CDC, every year, at least 610,000 Americans are claimed by heart diseases. As your trusted provider of quality Elder Care in Pennsylvania, we help you to promote proper care and monitoring for your aging loved one so that their overall health and well-being are preserved.

Here are helpful tips we can recommend so that your loved one can maintain a healthy heart in their senior years:

  • Get a Regular Check-Up

    Visiting your doctor regularly enables you to be on top of your health status, especially when it comes to your heart’s condition. There are many risks to getting heart ailments, and aging is one of them. For this reason, setting regular appointments with your doctor is an ideal step to ensure that your heart is still in good shape. Our in home care providers can also keep you company when you need someone to assist you in going to your doctor’s clinics.

  • Monitor Your Weight

    Gaining unnecessary extra weight can be a trigger for major heart issues. Fatty deposits along the bloodstreams can block the flow, resulting to more pressure in the heart. This results in further stress, and an eventual serious heart damage.

  • Exercise Every Day

    When you still don’t have an existing heart ailment, doing a 30-minute walking or jogging routine can help increase your heart’s strength. However, when you already have a heart condition, your doctor will prescribe you a healthy exercise regimen so that you can still stay active in a way that will improve your heart’s function better.

  • Stop Smoking

    Smoking cigarettes is one of the major triggers of many illnesses, and a heart problem is one of them. If you’ve not been hooked on this habit, avoid engaging in it. When you’re already doing this, do your best to quit. If you need professional assistance, pursue it. There are many ways that can help you quit smoking.

  • Eat Nutritious Meals

    The food you eat is also a great contributor to a healthy heart. When you eat nutritious meals that are good for the heart, you will be increasing its overall wellness, which contributes to your overall health. Our providers of home care services in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania can also help you in preparing and cooking these nutritious meals at home.

  • Sleep Right

    Getting enough sleep is also helpful to preserve your heart’s overall health. Find ways to get at least 7 hours of undisturbed sleep every night.

Do you have an aging loved one who can benefit from having a care assistant at home? Refer them to Pennsylvania Home Care LLC. You can trust that their overall well-being and quality of life are on top of our list.

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