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Challenges for Seniors When They Age at Home

Challenges for Seniors When They Age at Home

The idea of aging at home has become more prominent in this generation with more seniors preferring to stay in their own homes for the rest of their aging years. The prominent reason that they prefer this arrangement is the sense of familiarity around them. As long as they know where the kitchen or bathroom is even when their eyes are closed, they can feel safe and comfortable here.

However, aging at home also puts our elderly loved ones at certain risks. These are the issues we’re going to tackle in this post, but not to discourage aging in place. Instead, we promote aging at home but with supervision and assistance from providers of home care services in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

Elderly challenges when aging at home include the following:

  • Mobility Difficulties
    Many seniors prefer to just stay at home because they already struggle with physical pains that make it difficult for them to even get out of the house and go to the nearest grocery store. These difficulties can even increase the risks of falling, which is unhealthier for their age. This difficulty can be addressed when your loved one has constant assistance, whether by a family member or an in home care provider.
  • Isolation
    Our elderly loved ones who want to age at home can also be deprived of spending quality time with other people, such as their friends and neighbors. Because of this, their mental health can also be affected as they lose regular connection with other people. However, with the presence of care providers who can give companionship, they can receive assistance in attending gatherings outdoors or in simply having someone to talk to.
  • Safety
    When our elderly family members spend most of their times at home, there might be no one to be of assistance to help them out when something happens. The risks are even higher when an elderly loved one is staying at home by themselves. Accidents such as falls can happen, and these are very risky for their overall health. With this, ensure that they have assistants who provide Elder Care in Pennsylvania.
  • Errand Difficulties
    Even when we reach the aging season, errands still don’t run out. However, some errands may be heavy or complicated for seniors to accomplish. When they don’t have someone to do these chores for them, they may be at risk for injuries or physical strains. With care providers who can be there for them, these risks can be greatly reduced.
  • Housing
    Some areas at home can also put your aging loved one at risk to injuries, especially when there are no safety measures in place. When an elderly family member prefers to stay at home, install the necessary preventive equipment at home, such as grab bars, ramps, and better lighting.

At Pennsylvania Home Care LLC, we’ll help you manage these challenges so your loved one can still pursue a quality life at home. If you need these services, do set an appointment with us today.

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