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A Quick Read for Preventing Falls

A Quick Read for Preventing Falls

Anyone can trip over and fall. It is a common occurrence that happens when you lose balance. However, it can be a cause for worry amongst the elderly as it can cause serious injuries. Aging loved ones are at risk of falling due to several reasons. The effects of aging can leave one’s strength to fail, or current medications can induce side effects that leave you dizzy or drowsy. Often, having an untidy environment can also cause you to stumble and fall. There are many ways you can avoid falls:

  • Get regular health check-ups.

    Regular health check-ups allow you to recognize some of the reasons that may cause falls. You could have your eye checked for vision problems that may hinder you from seeing well. You may also talk with your doctor regarding possible side effects of prescribed medications, such as dizziness.

  • Exercise.

    Exercise can help prevent falls as it can strengthen your muscles. Walking is a great exercise that improves leg strength and endurance. If you’re starting, you can bring a walker for aid as you walk. Better yet, you can look for home care services in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania that offer companionship.

  • Clean your surroundings.

    You must declutter and tidy your home. Keep loose wires and rugs away from the floor so you won’t stumble. Getting in home care that offers cleaning assistance can help you from slipping.

If you find it hard to do all of those by yourself, you can employ companies that provide elder care in Pennsylvania. Our staff at Pennsylvania Home Care LLC are trained to help you with every need you have.

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