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5 Ways to Keep Your Seniors Safe at Home

5 Ways to Keep Your Seniors Safe at Home

Families turn to providers of Elder CAs a natural bodily process, aging often leads to seniors requiring more assistance and help at home. are in Pennsylvania or even family caregivers to give their senior loved ones the support they need.

One of the aspects that should be a priority at home is elderly safety. In their old age, your family members may not have the strength, balance, nor flexibility to keep themselves safe. The following are some ways you can help keep them safe at home:

  1. Address their medical conditions

    Many medical conditions hamper the mobility of senior individuals. At the same time, these medical conditions increase their safety risks. Have your loved ones attend their regular checkups. Through these checkups, the need for medical devices can be identified.

    For poor vision, they may need to wear eyeglasses. For poor hearing, they need to have hearing aids to be more aware of their surroundings. For mobility, they may need canes and walkers. An in home care provider may assist your loved ones in getting to their appointments if you are not around.

  2. Install alarm systems

    The elderly are often the main targets of burglars. A burglar alarm system will help notify the people in your household as well as the police about possible break-ins and thwart them off. Fire alarms should also be working and sprinkler systems must be functional.

    Installing a medical alert system is also advantageous. Consider having one in your loved ones’ home.
    Pennsylvania Home care can offer you a medical alert system.

  3. Illuminate the house well

    Bright lights help make it easier and safer for the elderly to navigate throughout the house. Make sure that all areas of the house, especially those that your loved ones frequent to, are well-illuminated.

  4. Keep the floor clutter-free

    Clutters left on the floor are tripping hazards. When your aging parents cannot see well, they might trip on clutter. They do not have the same strength, balance, and flexibility as before so it will be hard for them to handle themselves, resulting in a fall.

    Make sure to keep the floor clutter-free. Pennsylvania Home Care provides assistance with maintaining a clutter free home.

  5. Organize household items accordingly

    Household items including plates, clothes, and more should be organized and arranged in areas that your loved ones can easily reach. Avoid stacking them up too high to avoid any accidents.

Pennsylvania Home Care LLC aims to help make your aging loved ones safe and comfortable at home. Our caregivers are trained and committed to improving their quality of life. Call us today!

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